Rename Your Recycle Bin

This little RegEdit tweak is for obsessives like me. Does the fact that you can't rename the Recycle Bin bother you? It bothers me. I want to be able to name it myself, any thing I want.

Go on, try to rename the Recycle Bin as you would any other file. You can't. In XP, if you right-click the Bin and select Explore, you'll see in the drop-down File menu that the rename option is grayed out, meaning it's inactive. Let's make it active, shall we?

To do this, we're going to use the Registry Editor.

Always back up your data before you use RegEdit. If you mess up, you can screw yourself. Honestly. Proceed with care.

1.Open RegEdit by typing "regedit" (without quotes) in the Run menu.
2.Open the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" folder.
3.Open the "CLSID" folder.
4.Look for the folder within the brackets that starts with {645FF and open it.

Here's the full code:
This long garble is the Recycle Bin's global unique identifier. All system file folders have 'em.

5.Double-click Shellfolder.
6.On the right side, find Attributes. Right-click Attributes and click Modify.
7.Change the binary value data from default 40 01 00 20 to 70 01 00 20.
8.Click OK and exit RegEdit.
9.Now, your Recycle Bin still can't be renamed by right-clicking alone (unless you're using Windows 98), but when you right-click and choose Explore, you can now modify it from the File menu! Voila!
Oh, and you now also have the option to delete your Recycle Bin, which isn't as dramatic as it sounds. You can still find your files in C:Recycled, and you can empty your trash from Explorer if you wish.

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