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I know some of you are concerned about online saftey, As am I.
I have found and have been using a really cool tool named “sandboxie” that will sandbox your browser for you. The term “sandbox” simply means that anything running within the sandbox is seperated from the operating system. So if you are running within a sandboxed program even if you vist a bad site and it were to install malware on your computer, once you closed out the sandbox then the malware is closed out and gone as well. Now this doesn't mean you could install “sandboxie” and forget all about being careful as to which sites you visit. It is mearly another tool to help protect you online. You still should always protect all your private information.
To use this tool you have to install and reboot your computer, then you open up sandboxie and from within it you will then open your browser (IE,Firefox, etc).
When you close your browser and the sandbox all info aquired during its use is then deleted. Pretty cool.

Ok while I am on this kick I will also mention another tool for those of you concerned in your IP address. I seem to recall questions in a thread about changing or tracking of your ip address. I even have a little tool on my website that allows you to go through it to act as a proxy server changing your ip address. Most of us don't need to really worry about your ISP or government tracking our movements but then again you can never tell. Sometimes my paranoia may be a good thing. Anyhow there is a tool called “TOR” that used in conjunction with the Firefox extension torbutton will act as a proxy server so that any website you visit will never get your real IP address.    Now this will slow you down when surfing if you use tor as it reroutes any request for a web page through a multitude of proxy servers spread across the web. It does work very well though and can be a very usefull tool.

Both of these programs are free but do acept donations if you use them and like them please donate to keep great products like this free.

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