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Wisteria racimeP utting it all together. We can mix the pull quotes,drop caps and an image with text wrap all together. Magazine style drop caps and pull quotes can really make your page stand out against the rest. This would really look great in a newsletter. We can also place images into the text and then wrap our text around the image also. Just like if you were reading a magazine or
In The
Spring Time
Is Not Only Beautiful
But Has An
Intense Aroma that fills the air...
illustrated book. We can place our image to the left or even to the right of the text. We can also pace pull quotes to bring extra attention to a particular point you are trying to emphasize.With pull quotes you can place any additional information you really want your readers or potential customers to focus in on.  We can add more pull quotes if needed and certainly more images also.

  W can also use the drop cap to emphasize a new paragraph if we want to do so. This would bring the readers attention to the fact that this may be something important that they need to read before going on to whatever is the next thing on their agenda. If they happen to have one.   


Wisteria racime
Wisteria Racemes

You can still add another image to the same side or to the opposite side like this. Another image is easily added to the right side as well. This time without the border around it. You can place borders around any image you so desire The text that you type here will automatically align to the left of the image. You can type as much as you want. The more you type the better it looks. This gives a rather cool looking page effect. Just about what you would expect to see in a good magazine or nice newsletter. We could also place all of this into tables to create a two, three or more column layout. You can simply place a table into the space you want it to appear. Then to make it keep a nice space between the table cells set your cellspacing to something like 20 pixels and you get a nice column effect. You should always use he WIDTH attribute in your TABLE and TD tags. Like HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes on images, the WIDTH attribute in tables gives browsers vital information about your page layout and make pages at least appear to render more quickly. But sometimes web designers get confused by what height and width really tell a Web browser. If you set a table's HEIGHT to 500 pixels and the WIDTH to 740 pixels, then the table will always be that size, right?


HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes set the minimum size of the table, not the maximum. If the page elements are larger than the table size you've specified, then the table will always expand to accommodate them. Tables have to be able to stretch to fit your page content. Otherwise browsers wouldn't be able to display your page!  

This will give you a two column effect like reading from a newspaper or magazine. Without pulling your hair out trying to keep the tables aligned using spacers
(   )
The code for this table is in the adjoining table cell. Notice I set the border to 0 and the cellspacing to 20. I set the cell padding to 2 but you could drop this to 0 if you want to as you already have 20 pixels separating the two columns , actually 24 if you count the 4 for the inside walls of the two cells (2+2)
<table style="text-align: left; width: 837px; height: 68px;"
 border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="20">
      <td style="vertical-align: top; text-align: left;"></td>
 style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center; width: 415px;"></td>

Code for everything except the tables follows. Including the text that would need to be removed/replaced

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