After the Sale: Ebay Invoice

Congratulations your Ebay item just sold. Now we need to send out an invoice to request payment. After all this is what it is all about getting paid.
The easiset way to do this is through Ebay's Invoicing.
Once your item has sold you can go to my Ebay and then from the menu on the left select Sold.
You should now have a list of all items you have sold in the time to be determind by the setting you choose in the "Period" form box.
You can Click the "Send Invoice" button beside your sold Item or send the invoice from the Ebay Sales Page
invoice 04

You can also go to the items Ebay page to send your invoice

invoice 01

Once you click on send invoice from either the sales page or from My Ebay Sold items it will take you to the invoice page. This is a two step process. You first go to the invoice page. Check that the price and the shipping charges are correct.

invoice 02

Also You may want to add additional payment instructions.
You can choose to send a copy of the invoince to yourself by selecting the "Copy Me On This Invoice" check box directly above the "Send Invoice Button"
You also have the option to Preview the Invoice

invoice 03

Once you click on the Send Invoice button Ebay will send an invoice to your buyer
If they pay by paypal you will recieve an email from paypal telling you that the item has been paid for and you can ship to the address shown on the paypal payment page.

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