Maximize Your Images For Gallery View With Paint

In A Windows Operating System (i.e. win98,win2000,win me, win xp)

Typically Paint can be accesed from the start menu, then assessories, then by choosing paint.

To glue two images together into one:
First thing is get the two images , then open them up to see how they display and how large the image is. I have my two images I have named them image1.jpg and image2.jpg when I opened them up they were too large to fit my screen. so the first thing to do is bring the images down small enough to work with.

Along the top is a tool bar, We want to go to Image, then Stretch/Skew. The image is too large to work with easily so I choose stretch then we can decide the percentage. It is way too big so I chose 25% to make it 1/4 of the original size You can play with the size until it is appropriate. Do not forget to do both Horizontal and Verticle at the same time and use the same value in each, or your image will be out of skew. 25% looks good to me so now I am saving beige.jpg as 001.jpg and then do the same to red.jpg and save it as 002.jpg You can use any name you want but this is an easy way for me to keep track of them.
Now go back to File and choose New.

This should give you a plain white block the size of your last image. By placing the cursor at the edge or corner of this block you can drag the box to double the size of your image. Don't worry if the white box is too large as we can cut the excess off later in the process.

Now I go back to the toolbar. the select Edit, then at the bottom of the menu is Paste From. And then select one of the two images I just created. Click Open and it will paste the first image into your new image box. 

Next we go back to Edit then Paste From. Select the second image and then click Open and the second image will appear in the new image box. It will most likely appear directly over the first image. Not to worry, just place your mouse cursor over the image and drag it into place. You now have a single image with two images in of of the same item. Now if the white box surrounding the two images together is too large we can cut the excess off. Use the Select Icon in the tool bar on the left (little dotted square) to select only the two images you have pasted together. Right click and choose cut from the drop down menu. Now go to File then select New.When it prompts you if you want to save the changes you can select no. Then into the new box that has appeared , right click then select paste. Now you should have both images pasted together into a single image. I now save this image with a new file name. I am naming this one

I now have a double image I can use to maximize my exposure when using the gallery view or to use in the auction itself.

The images; 
beige.jpgred.jpg, and the finished image beige_N_red.jpg
This can be done for more than 2 images but I would definatly not do more than 4 images into a single image as it will become a bit too much for easy viewing. 2 is ok, 4 is hard to see and more than that nearly impossible to see as a thumbnail.

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