How to Insert a Table For Your Images with Nvu

These instructions were written for a table with 4 images to be placed on a page that is set to the right to accommodate an image to the left side of the page.
You can change any of the values to correspond to your pages style

Decide where you want your image and click your mouse there so the cursor is blinking where you want the image table to be placed on your page.

On the tool bar at the top we first select
Insert Table
in the Insert Table Menu
2 Rows
2 Columns
4 Border
I like no borders around my image tables but that is up to you. I usually put a                        border value in when I make the table but then remove it afterwards. This makes it easier to see the tables while you are working on them
Width 90% of Cell (adjust till you are happy with the alignment)
then select
Advanced Edit
Click the little arrow on the right side of the Attribute box (bottom left)
select right
Click OK
Click OK again

We now have a set of tables with places for 4 images

Right Click in the first box of the Frame where you want the first image placed
Table Cell Properties
about the middle of the menu on the right side it says:
Content Alignment
I like my images centered in the tables but for this page with the images to the left we are going to set the alignment to the right you can also play with these settings to get them to match your pages style

For Content Alignment
I select
Versicle= Middle
Horizontal= Center
Insert your image in the same way you insert them when they are not in a table.

Repeat the above steps for each of the other 3 images you wanted in the table

If you like the border around the table you can leave it, but I do not. So I am going to place my mouse cursor over the tiny little  squares you see at certain points around the frame border. When you do this your cursor will change into a double arrow pointing in 2 directions. When you get this you then right click and you get the pop up menu again.
Select Table Cell Properties
you will be looking at the cell properties, we need the table properties
Click on the Table tab (upper right of the Table Properties pop up menu)
Set Border to 0
Click Apply
Click OK

And now you have your images locked into a location with a borderless table

Alternately for removing the table border if you are having trouble with the little squares around the frame you can go to the view html and then go down to the table you just inserted and change the 4 we originally had into a 0
 If you are having trouble locating the new frame with the images just remember that you will see the images url in the correct table
once you find the image urls scroll up through the html until you get to the first table tag above the image url's
notice the tag is not yet closed  (<table>)
it closes after the width,text,cell padding,cell spacing and border attributes
you will see
change it to
for a borderless frame

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