I believe in saving my work as I do either a template or an auction and save almost everything into a Folder specifically for my Ebay templates and auctions. This saves valuable time when you start to list.

My biggest problem though was trying to find that little bitty folder when I need it amongst all the other files and folders. I find it very hard to find a particular folder sometimes, even when I know exactly where to look for it. Having an icon that is different from the plain folder icons makes it so much easier for my eyes to pick out without straning to see it.

So what I did was replace that folder icon with one that microsoft already has on your computer.

This is how to replace a folders icon;
To change a folders icon first we right click on the folder
Then in the popup menu that comes up we choose properties
Then in the next menu select the tab that says customize
Then at the bottom of that menu is a button that says change icon, click change icon
Then all you do is select one of those and click ok
Then we ok our way out of there and you have an icon for that particular folder that is easier to see.

If you are not satisfied with the icons that microsoft has for you to choose from, it is also possible to create a custom icon. There are lots of sites that will create a ico ( icon file ) file for you. One good site is favicon generator Feel Free to get creative with icons for your files. An icon will help you located needed folders when you are looking for them and an unusual one can be even easier to spot.
I made one from ebay's logo for my desktop so I can find my ebay files easier.
I hope this little trick will help you out as it sure helps me a lot.

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