Float An Image To Right With Text To The Left

Have you ever wondered how to place an image to the right of your text like in magazines without loosing all your hair in the process?
Look at the example below. The more text you have the better it will look.

Wisteria Racemes

In the springtime we can find wisteria in bloom at numerous roadside areas and especially at old farms and homesites. Wisteria was a favorite of our grandmothers and great grandmothers.These vines seemingly grow rampant and reach tirelessly in their quest for the sun. A springtime treat with their hanging redolent racemes.

"A sweet smell hangs in the air following you everywhere The racemes hang in an impressive display of lavender blossoms on a warm springs day A delightful attack on our senses, of sight, and scent is the arrival of wisterias efflorescence"


Here is how we do it without going crazy in the process:

Copy and paste (or type) this in yourAuction or Web page.

It will look like this (image included).

Wisteria Racemes

YOUR TEXT GOES HERE The text that you here will automatically align to the left of the image you can type as much as you want. The more you type the better it will look. 

You can increase font size with the <big> tag. Add bold with the <b> tag. Italics with <style="font-style: italic;">

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