Stop Or At Least Slow Down Phishing/Spoof Emails

Encode Your Email Address

Do You Put an Email Link In Your Auctions?
If you are like me I do but doing so opens you up to spam bots. These are programs that search the web just for email addresses. This is how so many of us start getting Spoof or Phishing emails claiming to be from Paypal or Ebay
I have found a great free tool that will encode your email address so these bots can not find your address.
You can get it from (also a great site for web tools. The download link is Download E_Cloaker For Free
It is very easy to use you simply type your email address into it a subject if you want, type what you want the link to say then hit encode.
Then you replace the standard email link
<a href="">Email Me</a>

with the code that is generated
notice the standard email link is
the ? mark followed immediately by subject= will put the subject you choose in the subject line of the email when they click the Email Me link
If you use Mozilla to edit your pages it will not handle the code very well as it reverts to a standard email link and will not cloak it for you so you will need to copy everything to notepad then save it as a html file and make sure you save as all files when you do

I hope this helps you with the increase of spoof/phishing emails we all get

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