How to Edit a Web Page or Auction with Nvu

<!-- Begin Description -->

Then copy everything until you see;

<!-- End Description -->

I am not going to advocate Stealing anyones auction descriptions, templates or their layout.
Not only is it against Ebays rules but it is wrong to steal.
That said, and I do mean it please do not steal others work.
I am going to explain how to view someones auctions in a WYSIWYG HTML composer namely Nvu as
it is my favorite.

If you find an auction and you were to say to yourself. Hey self I would love to be able to
make my auctions look similar to that.
Using Nvu to open the page up so that you can see how it was done and then be able to make
the changes to your auctions can be invaluable.

You can use the Open Web Location to open any web page and make changes to it.
If you were to do that to an Ebay auction you will find there is a ton of code and excess
information that you would have to wade through.
The easy way to see just the part that would concern you as a seller and lister is to view
the source code in the auction in particular.

If you are using Internet Explorer (yuck) then you go to view the select Source
If you are using Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape you go to view then select View Source

Now we need to look through the source code to find two then use the Find command
what we need to locate are two separate comments in the code.
We need to find;
<!-- Begin Description -->
and then we need to find:
<!-- End Description -->

What we need to do is to copy all the information between those two comments.
Once you have them copied you then can open Nvu.
Then on the tool bar at the top we select Insert.
In Insert we then select HTML
when we select HTMLl we now get a menu with Insert HTML at the top
Now we paste all the code we just copied from between the two comments
<!-- Begin Description -->

Then copy everything until you see;

<!-- End Description -->
Click insert
and now we have the auction description and layout open in a composer window with Nvu
this will allow you to remove all the photos and description so you can see how to make a
similar page of your own.
Once again I am going to ask you not to actually steal someone else's work.
This tutorial is intended to show you how to view these pages and then be able to learn to
do make a page of your own with the new knowledge you gain from seeing how it was done.

This can help you understand how to make complex backgrounds or layouts for your pages as
well as something simple like just a background image for nested tables.
Do not steal background images when you try this either. There are plenty of free images on
the web you can get without stealing someone else's. If in doubt as to whether it is a free
image or not choose not, until you find out it is a freebie.

Being able to delve into the how it was done on a web page or an auction has help me learn to make my own pages look better and go faster working on them

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