Working with Colors For Your Text and Background

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For most pages a white background with black text is appropriate.
At other times you may want to opt for either different color text or background colors.
This is easy to do with Nvu's simply commands.
Here I have an auction title with black text on a white background.


I think I want red text instead of black to make it stand out more
You can simply highlight any existing text and change the color to anything you want
You can choose from a list of predefined colors, select a custom color from the custom color blender to the left, define the custom color with the hue,saturation and brightness controls, select the last color picked or define the color by name or hex code

custom colors

We can also Choose a color for the background of the text to further enhance the way text looks on a page
This command brings up the same color editing box we saw in step 2 but this one sets text highlight colors


We also can set the page color to any color we want. Once again we see the same color editor as before but this one sets background colors


If you are building a page from scratch then I suggest setting custom colors before you start but many times with an auction we use a template from either earlier auctions or a custom template.
If you follow the steps as I have laid them out when you do the custom page colors near the text ONLY the line surrounding the text will change background colors. If you want the background color to encompass the entire page you will need to do the background color in two steps. First the area surrounding the preexisting text then the rest of the page.


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