Using Named Anchors In Your Auction Description

Inserting named anchors into your auction.
Page anchors allow visitors to jump to a specific place in the current page
This is a handy thing you can add to your page if you have a long description and auction policies.
It will allow you to add a link to a specific location on your page.
In this tutorial I am using "Returns" as my named anchor and link text. You can change the value to anything you need on your page.
the code to do this is;

<a href="#returns">Returns</a> notice the "#"

then where you want the link to take the potential customer on your page you insert this code

<a name="returns">this is my return policy</a>

this is called a named anchor
this really helps navigation in a long page
clicking the link (in this case Returns) will then take them down your page where you placed the named anchor with your return policy.

For example, if we wanted to allow auction viewers to jump from the words "Shipping Details" to the location of your shipping details we need to create 2 anchors.
The code is:
<a href=#shipping>Shipping Details</a>

We then need to create an anchor at your shipping details.
The code is:
<a name="shipping">Shipping Details</a>

This works good when you have a long page with a lot of information. Or it can be used to link to a specific location in a second page. I have a seperate page for my policies within my Ebay Store. I have a navigation bar along the top of my Template that I use for my store listings.To get the link to jump to a specific location in a second page we use the code:

<a href="">
Notice how the #shipping is directly behind the page we are refering to.
Then in the page we are refering to, at the location you want to jump to we put in this code:

<a name="shipping"></a>Shipping
notice that "Shipping Details:" is not in the brackets <> this is what is displayed on the page in the browser. your named anchor will jump directly to the location in front of
"Shipping Details:" on your page.

If you were using Nvu to do this then we can place your cursor where you want to insert the named anchor, choose Insert from the tool bar then choose Named Anchor, give it a name and click OK
Then For the Link we again go to the tool bar and select Insert then select link. here we put the name of the anchor you just made preceeded by a "#". or if it is going to a different page we put the entre url in the link followed by the #anchor name
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