Creating a page with a background image and an image around your table with Mozilla
               or Creating Nested Tables
 First I am going to open a new composer page in Mozilla.
 Then we go to format (4th one over on the tool bar at the top) then Page Colors and Background
in the Background Image Block near the bottom of the menu we are going to put the location of our background image. In this case i am using this image
Click OK
 You should now have a pretty pink background with butterfly's.
     Now I am going to insert a table. Along the tool bar again 6th one over is Table click table then insert table.
 In this case I want 1 row and 1 column with the width being 95% of the window and a border width of 0
 So I am changing the values in the Insert table menu that pops up to correspond with these new values.
 Now I want this table to be centered on the page so we now click Advanced Edit. Down in the lower left of the new Advanced Property Editor is a box that says Attribute. We click the little check and we get yet another menu. Go down until you see Align. Click align and then you will see the Value box to the right. Default is left but I want this frame to be in the center so we click the little check on this form and choose center.
  While we are in the Attributes we also want to change our cellpadding and cellspacing attributes. This time I am going to change both of these to 20. So we click on cellspacing and change the default to to a 20.
 Now we are going to do the same for cellpadding click on it and change it's default 2 into a 20.
Now click OK on the attributes
Click OK again on the Insert table

In this instance I want to place another image in the background of this table. Mozilla doesn't handle this too well so we are going to use a little HTML We go to the tool bar once more and choose View (the 4th one over from the left) then we choose HTML Source. Now we are going to look though the HTML Code we have just generated until we see the table atrribute it will be <table We now place our mouse cursor at the end of the word table and click enter to get a new line. Now we are going to place the background-image: attribute in to put our image into the table. In our new line we are going to paste this bit of code. background=""
Click View then Preview
this just gave us a new background image.
 Now for one more to give us a nice clean sheet to write into.
 Again we go to  the toolbar then Table then Insert Table
 This time I am going to use the values of Rows 1  Colums 1  Width 85%  Border 0
Once again we go to the Advanced Edit then Attribute. We choose align then the Value of Center.
Again we are going to change our cellpadding and cellspacing to 20 each
 This time I am going to choose a background color for this table as it will be the actual table I want to put my description into. So we choose Attribute then bgcolor then I am going to choose white
Click OK
Now click Ok on the Insert Table and we have a set of nested tables to work with.

At this Point  I am going to Paste this text into the last table where our description would go. this will resize the tables automaticly to fit the text.
Feel free to change the values of this to reflect your own personal style.
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